Ms. Vee

Who is Ms. Vee?

My name is Valerie Vargas. Friends, families, and learners all refer to me as “Vee”. How I have landed before you is too lengthy of a biography for a mere introduction, but I guarantee a good story and conversation should the moment ever arise.


I will say that my story began when I was young, rebellious, and failed classes in high school before an eventual acceptance to UC Berkeley. Transforming from an almost high-school-dropout to a UC Berkeley graduate is one of those lengthy stories I mentioned earlier.

Maintaining the tenacious, strong-willed spirit I had as a child, I left Berkeley with my eyes set on changing education so that other students, not unlike my own self, could have an equal opportunity in school and beyond. I continue to empower and create spaces for divergent thinkers, learners, and anyone else who needs it. 


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